SEX Prostituees

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Hanna - 21 April 07:31

What's her name?

Elmo - 15 July 03:47

wish my wife would do this online

Bockover - 30 August 20:23

Where is the female pleasure in all this. Even if its an erogenous zone of your body it doesn't seem like a woman would get as much out of it

Ellie - 24 June 12:52

Just shut up.jeez

Avola - 16 November 20:40


Michael - 14 November 10:09

There was even what we lovingly called the Shock and Awe Picture Show, a slideshow shown to the high school students depicting people doing all kinds of healthy sexual activities. The people represented all sorts of genders, body types, races and sexualities. The pictures included captions from the people in the pictures, explaining why their sexual relationship is successful and what was important about what the photo showed.